How much should you be charged for accurate soccer predictions?

How much should you be charged for accurate soccer predictions?

It won’t be wrong to say that soccer betting is made possible by tips. If you don’t buy tips then you will continuously lose bets and money. Every year millions of bettors from across the globe lose their dollars in betting. It is so because they either buy no tips or they buy tips from pseudo tipsters.

If you try understanding betting odds and payouts, you will get confused. It is pure mathematics and you have to choose odds before the game starts. How could you foresee result of a match that isn’t started? You can’t but an experienced tipster can.

“Who’s a tipster to make right predictions?” 
“Who gives him inside information regarding matches?”
“He must be an associate of betting syndicates”
“He must have a share in winning”

These and other similar thoughts would come to your mind when you think of tipsters. You would want to believe that tipsters have business connections with bookies and betting syndicates. Since you are unable to break odds, you won’t believe that any other person can break the odds without getting inside information on betting.

Tipsters are outsiders

If you study the structure of sport betting, you will find that the betting syndicates sit at the top and it is the syndicates that determine the odds. Then there are bettors that choose the odds. You can say that punters deal directly with bookies. There is no role of tipsters other than making accurate soccer predictions for bettors. And they make predictions on demand.

Tipster is a service

Tipsters have to promote their service using online marketing techniques. They rely on high search engine ranking for traffic and they also optimize social media to build reliability. They do everything they can to look reliable and make as much money as possible. Their objective is to reach out to as many bettors as possible and convince the bettors to buy tips. They also make lucrative offers like discounts on buying bulk tips and advance booking of tips for coming tournaments.

How much the tipsters charge?

A tipster is free to determine his service charge and for this reason you will see a variation in the price charged by different tipsters. You can shop around for reliable tips at affordable price. But your focus should be on reliability and not affordability. Also different charges are applied for different bets.

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