Myths and truths regarding soccer tips

Before you make an opinion on tipster service, you should know what a tip is. It is like a secret message for soccer betting enthusiasts. Punters go to experts hoping real help that is to get info on the winning odds. How tipsters work is a secret and for this reason there are many myths about tipster service.

Let’s break the myths shrouding tipster service and understand the process of making tips

Myth One: Tipsters are insiders

Truth: There is no insider in betting industry. It has become a multi-million dollar industry with a process. On top of the industry are betting syndicates that control the betting process and the industry. Bookies come in between and punters are on the bottom. They invest money through bookies. Tipsters help punters from outside. They are unofficial members of the betting process.

Myth Two: Tipsters have a say in deciding odds and they get paid for service

Truth: A bookie or an associate of betting syndicates could become tipster but he plays no role as a bookie or in syndicates after becoming a tipster. He could have friends in syndicates but it is difficult to get crucial info regarding odds from syndicates.

Myth Three: Tipsters can fix matches

Truth: Tipsters play only one role that is to predict outcome of matches. But some tipsters sell their services as insider soccer tips. In reality there is no inside info on odds. What a tipster could do is he can try breaking the odds according to best of his knowledge. He does mathematical calculations to break the odds and he considers factors like present and past performance of teams and players and injuries and replacements.

Myth Four: Tipsters get info from players, managers and coaches

Truth: A former player, manager or coach can start tipster service but there is no chance of a tipster getting information on matches from players. His job is to keep a close eye on teams and players and he knows each and every person associated with football but he can’t get information from players and others.

Why there are so many myths around tipster service?

Tipster work from outside and secretively. They don’t disclose their sources of information and how they make calculations. It is for this reason that tipsters are always under suspicion. Punters hold high hopes from tipsters and for this reason they want tipsters to be extraordinary.


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