Never buy fixed match tips as they are frauds

Never buy fixed match tips as they are frauds

Match fixing in rampant in sports especially cricket and soccer but it isn’t easy to fix a match as you need bribing the entire team and it isn’t possible. What you can do is bribing important players. When a match is fixed, it is kept secret and the profit is shared only by the fixers. The info on match fixing is never shared with public.

Scam of fixed match bet

It is a scam. If you get an email message or SMS regarding a fixed match from an unknown bookie, you should delete that message instead of relying on it. The message will read that a specific game is fixed and that it is an opportunity to earn quick money by betting on the game. You should ask why a bookie would share information regarding a fixed match with bettors. Why he is distributing money to punters when he should try making profit from bettors?

The fixed game scam

This information in exchange of money smells scam. Let’s understand the process of selling fake info for profit step by step.

First Step: Tipster receives 100 mails in response to his offer.

Second Step: One-third of the respondents are told that home team will one, one-third bettors are told that the away team is winner and one-third are asked to bet on draw.

Third Step: Only one-third punters win and they start relying on the tipster.

Fourth Step: The tipster asks those one-third bettors to buy fixed match tips for coming tournament. Since bettors rely on the tipster, they take his words seriously and invest more money. Second time, the tipster doubles the amount.

Fifth Step: The tipster follows the earlier method of dividing the punters into three parts and giving different tips. Only one-third of the punters win and they rely on the tips.

Sixth Step: The fraudster again contacts the winning bettors and asks them to invest on another match that is fixed. Also he keeps increasing the amount for tip. Bettors have full faith on the tipster as they have won two bets in consecutions. They act accordingly and the process keeps going on and on.

Before jumping into soccer betting, you should understand that there is nothing like match fixing and that no bookie or betting syndicate would share crucial info regarding match fixing. If you ever receive any email regarding betting on fixed matches then you should ignore those messages.

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