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What to expect from a soccer betting expert?

Do you believe in match fixing and insider tips? If yes then you will also believe in tipsters that boast of fixing matches and getting tips from insiders. Match fixing is music to ears and also it looks like an assurance for winning bets. When you read about fixed match bets, you think of quick money and you buy tip without giving a second thought to your decision of believing on match fixing.
“It is a bitter truth that matches aren’t fixed and if fixed, the information isn’t leaked out”
Bookies and betting syndicates won’t fix matches
Match fixing is loss for bookies. It is so because bettors would stop believing in bets and soon they will leave betting. Some bookies could try fixing matches but they won’t succeed as it is difficult to bribe all the 22 players. If information on match fixing comes out, the players and others involved in the activity will face legal action. None of the persons involved in match fixing would allow info about fixed match to be leaked out.
“Believing on mat…

Beginner’s guide to syndicate football tips

If you want to buy football betting tips then you must do some homework and some research work on tipsters. If you search tipster on the web, you are going to get a million hits and also you will find that many sites provide free tips. Should you rely on free tips?
What are free tips?
Before you find answer to this question, you should know who gives tips. The person who gives tips is called a tipster and he could be a veteran player, seasoned coach, experienced bettor, bookie or one from a leading betting syndicate. He could be anybody even you. To become a tipster, you need comprehensive information on the game and also you need to have data regarding performance of players and teams.
It is learnt that some tipsters are providing free tips but there is no guarantee of these tips. You could win bets with free advice or you could lose your bets but you can’t blame anyone for the loss, if you are betting on free advice. Free advice could also be a trick of bookies to mislead bettors. Ins…

Save money on soccer predictions tips

Today football bettors can win bets with the help of tips but still a large number of punters lose bets. Every year millions of bettors lose bets even after buying tips. Why so many tips fail to materialize? Tipsters boast of providing winning tips and they also offer replacement tips for failed predictions.
Why tipsters fail to provide real tips?
Tipsters never fail and those that fail aren’t tipsters. There are many fraudsters working in the disguise of tipsters and they are making quick money by selling cheap tips. They offer predictions at reduced price and they also give guarantee of success. But tips could never come cheap. If you are buying cheap tips then you are risking your bet.
Tips fraud
You need tips for winning bets but you aren’t ready to spend a high amount on tips. You know you can’t win bets without tips and at the same time you want to save money while taking help. Here you can become a victim of tips fraud. Tipsters will offer discounted tips and you could buy a tip a…