Beginner’s guide to syndicate football tips

If you want to buy football betting tips then you must do some homework and some research work on tipsters. If you search tipster on the web, you are going to get a million hits and also you will find that many sites provide free tips. Should you rely on free tips?

What are free tips?

Before you find answer to this question, you should know who gives tips. The person who gives tips is called a tipster and he could be a veteran player, seasoned coach, experienced bettor, bookie or one from a leading betting syndicate. He could be anybody even you. To become a tipster, you need comprehensive information on the game and also you need to have data regarding performance of players and teams.

It is learnt that some tipsters are providing free tips but there is no guarantee of these tips. You could win bets with free advice or you could lose your bets but you can’t blame anyone for the loss, if you are betting on free advice. Free advice could also be a trick of bookies to mislead bettors. Instead of betting on relying on free advice, you should rely on your own findings.

Where to look for tips?

For syndicate football tips, you have to approach a tipster and there are many people claiming to be reliable tipsters. It is certainly very difficult to find a reliable tipster from many but you can do some research work on tipster service. Like other service providers, tipsters are also worried about their online reputation.

Instead of relying on information provided by tipsters on their sites, you should check their online reputation on social media. You should talk to fellow bettors about their experience with tipster service and learn from their mistakes. There are many tipsters but not all are reliable.

Could tipsters help?

Debate on tipsters is never ending. Some bettors believe that tipsters could help while others believe that tipsters have business relations with bookies and betting syndicates. They believe that tipsters can fix matches and they get inside information from betting syndicates. But it isn’t true. Tipsters are like bettors and they have no connections with bookies or betting syndicates.

What if tipsters can’t help?

If you want to take help of a tipster then you should first understand that a tipster can only anticipate outcome of matches and he can be wrong in his prediction. But tipsters provide replacement tips for failed tips.   


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