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Why there is nothing like soccer insider tips?

Football betting is a recreational activity that is more entertaining than the game of football. And soccer enthusiasts can easily manage their gambling activity by keeping a tab over their spending. Also they can win bets and make quick money but they should be aware of the tipsters that make tall claims to sell their tips.
What happens when you go to a tipster?
You won’t meet a tipster personally but through his website on which you will see his services and service record. The site will show how the tipster is doing; what his winning percentage is and how experienced he is. If you find that the tipster is offering claims that seem unbelievable like connections with betting syndicates and participating in match fixing then understand that the tipster is fooling around and trying making quick profit.
How tipsters work?
A tipster is like a punter but he is more experienced than the latter. He has comprehensive knowledge on the game of football and also he knows every team, manager, coach …

Factors you should look into for buying soccer betting tips

Winning football bets seems easy with soccer predictions but you should know how to find a reliable tipster. There are many sites that provide tips but not all sites are reliable. Here in this blog, we will discuss what should alert you while looking for a trustworthy tipster.
1. High success rate
It is the first thing to notice in any tipster service. Or you can say that every tipster wants to show his win-rate and everyone wants to have high win-rate. High rate of success is an indication of reliability. If your tipster has 70% success rate, you will have 70% chances of winning the bet. Before relying on high success rate of a tipster, you should check what is the highest win-rate claimed and what the lowest rate is.
No tipster wants to give guarantee on his tips but there is no other way of winning confidence of bettors. But some tipsters go a step ahead in giving guarantee of success. They claim to give money back guarantee but they give nothing in reality. Their terms of …

Why mix-parlay is most sought after bet despite being the most challenging?

A mix-parlay is a single bet but it combines a multiple selection of different bets. Its advantage is that it has high payoff. Let’s simplify this bet type. Simply put, it is winning multiple bets at a time and when you win multiple bets, the winning price automatically doubles or triples. It is a great way to increase your betting profit.
You can accumulate two or more bets into one
This type of betting is popular for its high returns. Bettors are attracted to accumulator because they see it as an opportunity to earn high returns. Let’s understand the high return with example. The average odds offered for 2-team bets is +260 and for 3-team bets is +600. Here it is clear that the higher the number of teams involved, the higher the payout. Or you can say that the bookmakers encourage bettors to accumulate more teams in betting.

Winning accumulator bet is difficult
When you have three odds to break, you have to be more than perfect. You are betting on accumulated bet that is multiple of odd…

Mix parlay prediction is the only way of winning bet

Tips for high risk bets like mix parlay come at high price. Tipsters charge premium price for such bets. A mixed bet as at least two bets included. Bettors are provided different options to choose from but it is made sure that the matches included remain unaffected from each other.
How matches are selected for mixed betting?
Bookies can choose any two matches and include them in a bet. Similarly they can more choices by selecting different matches from same tournament or from different tournaments. Also they can mix two or more matches like three-bets-in-one. In this way, they can make the high risk bet more challenging. The objective is to increase the thrill to highest level.
High risk brings high payout
When you are taking high risk, you deserve more reward. Mixed betting is a combination of two or more bets and when you win more bets, you get more. Mixed betting is more rewarding than any other form and for this reason it is more beneficial. Also bettors get an opportunity to bet on d…

Whichinsider syndicate tips are unreliable?

What you know about betting and tips? How would you chose bets and break the odds? There is plenty of info available in bet types and also the odds are simplified for convenience of the bettors. Also you can learn and practice breaking odds. There are many ways like you can judge a team by its past performance to determine winner in football matches.
Do you know about tips?
Answer to this question will be yes. Every bettor knows about tips and everyone buys tips but no one accepts in public that he buys tips. If you win a bet with the help of a tipster, you will claim that you win it with your knowledge on the game and betting experience. But sometimes, bettors face losses despite buying tips. It is so because they don’t determine reliability of tipsters before buying predictions.

How to determine reliability of a tipster?
The best way to check trustworthiness of a tipster is to discuss his brand name and services with your friends and also on social media. There is no harm in accepting t…

A beginner’s guide to halftime-fulltime bet

Halftime-fulltime is the most interesting betting type in soccer matches. It is interesting as you can choose multiple selections but you have to be accurate in your predictions otherwise you will lose the bet and the reward.
Let’s have a close look at the bet and the odds
You have two teams A and B and three odds A win; B win and draw to choose. Also you have to make two choices – one for halftime and another for fulltime.
If you choose 1/1, you are saying that the Team A will win both the matches. Here one-half is considered a match.
X/1 would stand for draw for first half and win for Team A in second half
1/X states win for Team A in first half and draw in second half
X/X stands for draw in both the halves
1/2 is for win for Team A in first half and win for Team B in second match
2/1 is Team B winning in first match and Team A winning second half
2/X Team B winner in first half and draw in second
X/2 draw in first and Team B winning in second half

It is called double bet
Halftime-fulltime is …

You could win bets only with reliable football prediction tips

Why bettors rely so much on tips that they are ready to rely on everyone posing as tipster? There are so many tipsters and more service providers are waiting to launch their services. You can find many sites claiming to provide winning tips at reduced price. Also some sites even go further and claim that they get information from insiders.
Bettors rely on tipsters
Before finding answer to the question why bettors trust on tips, you should know who tipsters are and how they make tips. If you look at a match, you will find that every player performs in a specific way. You will find that it is easy to make calculate performance of players and the teams they belong to. When you can make calculations, you can determine who will win match. It is how tipsters work. They can make winning calculations by studying performance of players and teams.

Tipsters make money
Selling tips is a big business as you can see that millions of dollars are invested on betting and most bettors play on the advice of…

Fixed soccer tips are frauds

Soccer betting is gambling but here you can make calculations and also try fixing the matches to win bets. When you gamble, you know that you have 50% chances to win but still you try winning every bet. Everyone wants to become a winner but it isn’t possible.
Betting is a business
Bookies and betting syndicates earn money from bettors. Punters lose money that goes to bookies. If no bettor loses, the bookies won’t be able to make high profit. Betting is a game of winning and losing and you should accept your loss as you expect winning. You should enjoy winning and losing and not only winning.

Your betting guide
Before you start wagering on football matches, you should make a guide like matches you will bet on and assigning a budget for wagering. Also you need keeping a tab over your betting. Also you should take help of a tipster that can provide you winning tips but don’t expect that the tipster won’t fail in predicting outcome of the matches. He can but he will give tips in replacement …

Win fixed odd bets to make more profit

When you are certain of a specific outcome of a match, you can bet on that game. Look which bookie is offering fixed odd bet on that match and play that bet without any fear or apprehension. If you have any doubt on your finding, you can cross-check the calculation to make sure that your finding is accurate.
What is the advantage of fixed odd bet?
It gives the fixed reward irrespective of the match result. You are offered a fixed price and the bookie promises giving that price even when the match price changes. In other words, you know how much you are going to win with a bet. Also you can easily win the bet with the help of a tipster. But there is no need to hurry to buy tip as you can do your calculation to find the winner.
What if your calculation differs with prediction of tipsters?

There are chances that a tipster could differ in opinion with your findings. Here you shouldn’t dispute or conflict with the tipster. He is more experienced than you are and for this reason, he is more sui…

Correct score tips for betting beginners

Is it possible for a tipster to be 100% true? Nothing is impossible but in soccer betting, you can’t be a winner every time. But you can try keeping your winning above 50%. Football betting requires mathematical calculation like when to bet, which type of punter to choose and how much to invest on bets.
Study bets
Mix parlay is the most challenging of all the bets but it is also most challenging bet. As the name suggests, it is a mix of several bets that could three or sometimes more than three. The bookies mix bets from different matches into one and provide one winning odd with highest reward. But there is a condition with this type of betting and it is that you have to win all the bets mixed.
Halftime-fulltime bet is an interesting way of betting on a match. Here you have to predict correct halftime and fulltime scores. In other words, it is like two bets combined into one or you can say that the match is divided into two parts. You enjoy the match to the full enjoying both the halve…

Best football picks for beginners

So, you want to enjoy soccer with betting but don’t know how to start or it will be more appropriate to say that you are afraid of losing bets. Today, it is easy to bet as bookies are available online. You only need opening your gambling account for betting. The bookie will give you odds to choose from. You choose your bet type and odd and wait for the result.

Your winning chances are low

It’s discouraging to know that beginners lose their initial bets but it is true. Unless you become an expert, you have to face losses and sometimes experts face losses. There is no shortcut to winning bets except buying tips. You can rely on a tipster for help and bet as advised by the tipster. It is the only way to win bets. Before you start betting, you should look for a tipster that can provide you winning tips.
Best Soccer Tips

80/20 chances with tips

If you think that buying tips will give you 100% success then you are wrong. Tips will improve your chances of winning but no tipster can give assura…