A beginner’s guide to halftime-fulltime bet

 Halftime-fulltime is the most interesting betting type in soccer matches. It is interesting as you can choose multiple selections but you have to be accurate in your predictions otherwise you will lose the bet and the reward.

Let’s have a close look at the bet and the odds

You have two teams A and B and three odds A win; B win and draw to choose. Also you have to make two choices – one for halftime and another for fulltime.

If you choose 1/1, you are saying that the Team A will win both the matches. Here one-half is considered a match.

X/1 would stand for draw for first half and win for Team A in second half

1/X states win for Team A in first half and draw in second half

X/X stands for draw in both the halves

1/2 is for win for Team A in first half and win for Team B in second match

2/1 is Team B winning in first match and Team A winning second half

2/X Team B winner in first half and draw in second

X/2 draw in first and Team B winning in second half

It is called double bet

Halftime-fulltime is double betting as you predict result for both the halves of a match and you have to be accurate in both the halves. But there are no worries as you can win this bet with the help of halftime fulltime tips. Find a tipster that is experienced and reliable. It is interesting to predict two outcomes of a match but if you fail to make correct predictions, you will lose the bet.

Make betting more interesting with tips

Buy winning tip for the bet and match the tip with your finding. If you find that your prediction matches with the tip, you can rest assured that you will win the bet. But if you see difference in the predictions, you should rely on the tip provided by the tipster. An experienced tipster can make Accurate Predictions than you could. You can learn making calculations with the help of your tipster.

Halftime-fulltime betting is more rewarding than other bets because it has two bets combined into one. You win two bets, if you are able to break the odds and get more money in return for your investment on the bet. Enjoy your bet but don’t forget buying tips from an experienced tipster.


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