Correct score tips for betting beginners

Is it possible for a tipster to be 100% true? Nothing is impossible but in soccer betting, you can’t be a winner every time. But you can try keeping your winning above 50%. Football betting requires mathematical calculation like when to bet, which type of punter to choose and how much to invest on bets.

Study bets

Mix parlay is the most challenging of all the bets but it is also most challenging bet. As the name suggests, it is a mix of several bets that could three or sometimes more than three. The bookies mix bets from different matches into one and provide one winning odd with highest reward. But there is a condition with this type of betting and it is that you have to win all the bets mixed.

Halftime-fulltime bet is an interesting way of betting on a match. Here you have to predict correct halftime and fulltime scores. In other words, it is like two bets combined into one or you can say that the match is divided into two parts. You enjoy the match to the full enjoying both the halves.

Fixed odds tip provides fixed reward on the bet. This bet remains free from ups and downs and the punters get what they are promised. Similarly there is a bet for predicting correct score. And you can win these bets with Correct Score Tips and tips for other bets.There are many tipsters that provide quick help at the most affordable price.

Find tipster

When you have a choice, you feel satisfied but you need shopping around and comparing the options. There are many tipsters and every tipster has different wining rate and background.You need looking into every tipster site to determine winning rates of tipsters and also you need going through individual experience of tipsters to make an opinion on experts.

Verified tips

Before you choose a tipster and transfer money for tips, you should know that there are some verified tipsters. These are tipsters verified by reliable experts. These experts study every tip provider and rate the tipsters according to their winning rates and experience.

Money for buying tips

You need paying in advance. The tipster would ask you to transfer money to his bank account and the tips will be provided through emails or the tipster could choose SMS for sending tips. You should look for guarantee of success, in case the tipster fails to provide winning tips.


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