Factors you should look into for buying soccer betting tips

 Winning football bets seems easy with soccer predictions but you should know how to find a reliable tipster. There are many sites that provide tips but not all sites are reliable. Here in this blog, we will discuss what should alert you while looking for a trustworthy tipster.

1. High success rate

It is the first thing to notice in any tipster service. Or you can say that every tipster wants to show his win-rate and everyone wants to have high win-rate. High rate of success is an indication of reliability. If your tipster has 70% success rate, you will have 70% chances of winning the bet. Before relying on high success rate of a tipster, you should check what is the highest win-rate claimed and what the lowest rate is.


No tipster wants to give guarantee on his tips but there is no other way of winning confidence of bettors. But some tipsters go a step ahead in giving guarantee of success. They claim to give money back guarantee but they give nothing in reality. Their terms of guarantee are written in ambiguous language so that they can escape the guarantee.

3. Discount

Would you want to buy soccer betting tips on discount? It is a lucrative offer but you will get discount only on bulk buying. If you are ready to buy tips in advance or book your tips for coming matches or tournaments, you can get discount on tips. If you are interested in betting, you will certainly think of the offer.

4. Bogus claims

People want to believe in match fixing as it gives them a sense of relief and an assurance that they can win bets only when they have inside information. They believe on the tipsters that claim to have connections with bookies and betting syndicates. They believe on terms like fixed match tips. Tipsters take advantage of popularity of mixed match tips but they keep increasing their offer after every tip.

5. Process of sending tips

How will you get tips? The tipster could ask you to stay login to your mail to get tip in your mailbox or you should be asked to stay alert for SMS beep just half an hour before the match starts. SMS is more suitable than email as it is easy to open a text message than an email message on phone. These are some of the factors you should look into before making an opinion on a tipster.


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