Fixed soccer tips are frauds

 Soccer betting is gambling but here you can make calculations and also try fixing the matches to win bets. When you gamble, you know that you have 50% chances to win but still you try winning every bet. Everyone wants to become a winner but it isn’t possible.

Betting is a business

Bookies and betting syndicates earn money from bettors. Punters lose money that goes to bookies. If no bettor loses, the bookies won’t be able to make high profit. Betting is a game of winning and losing and you should accept your loss as you expect winning. You should enjoy winning and losing and not only winning.

Your betting guide

Before you start wagering on football matches, you should make a guide like matches you will bet on and assigning a budget for wagering. Also you need keeping a tab over your betting. Also you should take help of a tipster that can provide you winning tips but don’t expect that the tipster won’t fail in predicting outcome of the matches. He can but he will give tips in replacement for failed predictions. One more thing, you shouldn’t believe on match fixing.

Matches are fixed

There are many instances that show that matches are fixed. Star players, coaches and team managers are alleged to have business relations with betting syndicates with who they fix matches. But you shouldn’t believe on fixed soccer tips. A match is fixed to earn profit and not to benefit bettors. No tipster can ever come to know about match fixing and get insider tip about that match. Bookies and betting syndicates won’t want to leak information regarding fixed matches.

How match fixing fraud works?

Tipsters send emails to football enthusiasts about matches being fixed by bookies. They send hundreds and thousands of mails. Some people respond to the mails and give money to book tips. Tipsters give different tips to different bettors. Only one-third of bettors win bets and they become loyal customers of tipsters. They are targeted again but second time they are charged double the price of tip. Tipsters keep targeting those loyal customers again and again with new messages.

Tipsters rake millions by selling tips for fixed matches but in reality the matches are never fixed. Bettors keep paying for the bets they win out of chance but they are happy. Some bettors are losers and they keep blaming tipsters for their loss.


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