Why mix-parlay is most sought after bet despite being the most challenging?

 A mix-parlay is a single bet but it combines a multiple selection of different bets. Its advantage is that it has high payoff. Let’s simplify this bet type. Simply put, it is winning multiple bets at a time and when you win multiple bets, the winning price automatically doubles or triples. It is a great way to increase your betting profit.

You can accumulate two or more bets into one

This type of betting is popular for its high returns. Bettors are attracted to accumulator because they see it as an opportunity to earn high returns. Let’s understand the high return with example. The average odds offered for 2-team bets is +260 and for 3-team bets is +600. Here it is clear that the higher the number of teams involved, the higher the payout. Or you can say that the bookmakers encourage bettors to accumulate more teams in betting.

Winning accumulator bet is difficult

When you have three odds to break, you have to be more than perfect. You are betting on accumulated bet that is multiple of odds and if you lose any odd, you lose the entire bet. It is a condition for winning the mixed bet. You have to win all the wagers included in the bet. It is for this reason mix parlay tips are sold at high price than others.

Conditions with mixed betting

You are free to accumulate two or more bets from same tournament or include other tournaments. But none of the matches should affect others. If result of a match affects others then it won’t be included in the bet.

Another condition is that if a match in accumulated bet cancels, the bet will be reduced to the highest number of matches. The bet won’t cancel but number of bets and priced money will be reduced accordingly.

How to win mixed bet?

High payout is attractive but the challenge is to break all the accumulated odds. If you are playing with three bets then you have break all the three odds. Losing an odd would mean losing the bet and the payout. Here only an experienced tipster could help. It is really very-very difficult to win a mixed bet without any expert tip.

Before you even think of playing mixed parlay, you should find a reliable tipster that can provide you winning tip with guarantee of success. In other words, you have to share your profit with a tipster to become a winner.


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