How bettors look for tipsters?

 Finding a tipster is more challenging than breaking the odds as you have to consider many factors and also you have to compare many tipsters. You have to sit for hours and visit hundreds of websites that claim to provide reliable tips. Every bettor searches tipsters according to his knowledge.

Let’s see how bettors search for tippers

Search engine ranking

If you search tipster on the web, you will use certain keywords that will show you sites matching with the searched words. If you change the keywords, you will find different results. Looking for a tipster on search engine could be confusing as you will get different searches every time you change the keywords.

Social media

You will want to rely on social media presence of tipsters. Today it is difficult to think if a business without social media presence. Tipsters that want to improve their business will certainly go to social media and target bettors. Also you can meet likeminded bettors on social platforms and discuss tipster service with those bettors. Social media results are more reliable than search engine results.

Comparison sites

There are many websites that provide quick and comprehensive comparison of tipsters. These sites boast of giving right information about tipsters. They study tippers and rate tipsters according to their best football picks Australia. You will get tippers with their ratings and you can choose the best tipper for buying tips. But some comparison sites favor some tipsters. Or it could be said that it is tipsters that run comparison sites.

Buying tips

Some bettors simply start buying tips. Instead of wasting time on exploring info on tippers, they start with tips. And they follow search engine result pages to buy tips from tippers. It is the best way to find a tipper as you can check which tipster is able to provide winning tips. Yes, you will have to invest some money on tips but there are more chances of finding a reliable tipster.


Your bettor friends will recommend tipsters. You can rely on a friend and hire his tipster for predictions but you should know that the friend won’t take responsibility for failed tips. There is no guarantee that the recommended tipster would provide reliable tips.

Look for a tipster who gives guarantee of success on his tips and also that has a good track record of fulfilling the guarantee. If a tip fails to materialize, you will get a replacement tip.


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