Why you shouldn’t buy fixed match tips?

Do you believe on match fixing? If newspaper reports are to be believed, matches are fixed by bribing players. But there is no concrete proof of bribing. These are all stories about matches fixed with connivance of players, coaches and team managers.

Who fix matches?

Newspaper reports say that big betting syndicates fix matches for quick money. They talk to players and offer large share of profit made by fixing matches. Fixing matches is a secret mission and punters are always interested in knowing about fixed games. It is only betting syndicates that are blamed for fixing matches but it isn’t possible without inclusion of players.

How bettors know about match fixing?

Punters have no source of information of match fixing but they are always interested in the news of fixed matches and meeting people that can provide authentic information on predetermined games. Since bettors can’t leak match fixing information from betting syndicates, they look for other sources like tipsters. The only link between bettors and betting syndicates is tipsters.

Tipsters sell tips for predetermined games

The only way to get information on fixed games is to rely on tipsters that claim to have close business connections with betting syndicates. Tippers boast of getting inside information and encourage bettors to buy fixed match  for quick profit. But the reality is just opposite that is there is no such thing like match fixing in football betting.

Fixed match tips are frauds

A tipster approaches bettors for buying tips for predetermined games. He divides interested bettors into three categories. First bettor bets on team A; second bettor on team B and third bettor on tie. Only one third of bettors win the bet and they start relying on the tipster. The tipster again targets the bettors who rely on his tips and repeat the tipping process.

Tips do work

It isn’t that all tipsters are fraud but that the tippers that claim to have inside information on match fixing are frauds. If you want to win bets then you should take help of a tipster but beware of the tippers that sell tips for predetermined matches. Your objective should be to play a fair game and not believing on cheating.

Before you approach a tipster for help, you should check his experience in football betting and the winning rate of providing tips. The tipster should be of high experience but his winning rate would be above 50% but below 80%.


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