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Prime considerations when choosing your tipster

Buying football tips help but you should be able to find right tipster. There are many tipsters and everyone claims to be the best. If you search tipster, you will find hundreds and thousands of hits. How would you explore the web and find the tipster that provides reliable tips.
1. Know your tipster personally
A tipster is a professional with a background to certify his knowledge and experience. While most tipsters work alone, some tipster sites work with teams. You should try knowing each tipster personally so that you can make an opinion on each professional. Why bettors afraid of buying tips?
2. Check the winning rate
A tipster is known by his winning rate. An experienced tipster could have more than 50% winning rate but it can’t be 100%. It is nearly impossible for a tipster to achieve 100% success but some professionals claim to have this success rate. After checking the winning rate, you should move to other factors.

3. Selection of tips offered
A tipster offers tips for selected ma…

What is the need of tips in soccer betting?

Every soccer bettor looks for tips but only a few are able to find reliable tipsters. It is so because bettors believe on the false claims made by tippers. What are those false claims and why do tipsters need making unbelievable promises? If you are looking for a tipster then you should be careful about your search and findings.
Let’s start the discussion with discussing the role of a tipster in soccer betting
Who’s a tipster?
Frankly speaking, he’s a third person with no direct role in betting. He plays an advisory role and gives advice to bettors. But this advice isn’t binding on bettors. They are free to choose the odds according to best of their knowledge.But difficulty in choosing odds encourages bettors to look towards tipsters for help. The technical betting process is difficult to understand and it is where bettors need help.

Tipster create need for tips
As a bettor, you know whether you need buying tips or not but tipsters will give you many reasons for buying tips. You will be of…

How priced money is calculated in soccer betting?

Soccer betting has become more technical than it was a couple of years back. Today you need making more calculations to get the winning price or it can be said that bookmakers are maintaining more clarity in bets. Or you can say that the bookies want to encourage bettors by revealing the winning price.
What is the winning price?
Every wager gives some return and it could be up to and/or more than 10x of the betting amount. If you see, you can win $10 by investing $1; you will certainly want to play. There is no loss in losing the 1$ bet, when you have an opportunity to make 10x of the betting money. If you can calculate the winning price, you will feel a strong desire to bet. Also the bookmakers keep increasing the reward with betting money.
How to calculate winning price?
In most bets, the priced money depends on result but in some bets, it is fixed. Also you don’t have to do many calculations to find the priced amount as it is available in figures with bets. The priced money is displaye…

How you can anticipate correct score of a given match?

Could you anticipate how many goals a football team could make in a given match? It is possible but only when you are focused on the match. You need some information regarding the contesting teams.
1. Past record of the contesting teams 2. Overall performance of players 3. Ground study like location 4. Weather report 5. Last minute replacements 6. Injuries 7. Pressure on players 8. Present situation of teams in the match 9. Winning strategy of teams 10. Position of teams in tournament
Luckily the information can be collected through web but you need using your knowledge and experience for analyzing the data. You need making an in-depth study of the data before arriving at any conclusion. Past record of teams and overall performance of players would tell how they perform in specific grounds and weather conditions.

Compare past record and performance of teams and players
Studying data of a team will help you calculate the number of goals it can make but your objective is to find the winning team.…

The science behind accurate soccer predictions

It is possible to make true predictions regarding outcome of football matches but only with scientific method. There is nothing like inside information on soccer betting and the tipsters that claim to have secret business relations with betting syndicates only say false things about their services.
How to find correct football betting tips?
It is only an experienced tipster that can provide winning tips. You have to find a reliable tipper that has a great track record of providing winning tips. But finding a trustworthy tipster isn’t an easy job as there are many tipster websites and every site claims to be the best. Before you start your search for a tipper or make any opinion on any tipster, you should know how tips are made.
What is a tip-off?
It is secret information but it is from a tipster to a bettor. As a punter, you should know how your tipster makes tips so that you can have confidence on him. Predicting outcome of a match involves calculations. You have to anticipate performanc…