Prime considerations when choosing your tipster

Buying football tips help but you should be able to find right tipster. There are many tipsters and everyone claims to be the best. If you search tipster, you will find hundreds and thousands of hits. How would you explore the web and find the tipster that provides reliable tips.

1. Know your tipster personally

A tipster is a professional with a background to certify his knowledge and experience. While most tipsters work alone, some tipster sites work with teams. You should try knowing each tipster personally so that you can make an opinion on each professional.

2. Check the winning rate

A tipster is known by his winning rate. An experienced tipster could have more than 50% winning rate but it can’t be 100%. It is nearly impossible for a tipster to achieve 100% success but some professionals claim to have this success rate. After checking the winning rate, you should move to other factors.

3. Selection of tips offered

A tipster offers tips for selected matches. If you want to take betting as a leisure activity and want to bet only on specific tournaments then you don’t have to worry about the selection of tips offered but if you want to make betting as a source of income then you should choose the tipster that offers largest selection of tips.

4. Guarantee offered

Genuinesoccer tips come with guarantee of success but the guarantee could be in different forms like you could get a tip in replacement or the tipster could allow you choose the tip of your choice. But you should know how the tipster would full fill his guarantee.

5. Information provided about tips

Every tipster provides information about his tips but the information could be limited or detailed. Whether a tipster gives limited info or describes his predictions in detail depends on his knowledge on the game and his approach towards his clients that are bettors. Some bettors feel satisfied with limited info but others look for detailed info on tips.

6. Cost

You won’t get tips for free hence be ready to pay a price for the tips. How much are you ready to invest on tips? A tipster is like any other professional and like others he is free to determine his fee.But the cost of tips shouldn’t be too expensive and nor should it be free. But it should be a secondary consideration.


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