Common mistakes bettors make while looking for tipsters

Bettors make mistakes in choosing tipsters. They do so in the enthusiasm of finding right tippers. It isn’t that they deliberately make mistakes but that they are unable to locate reliable tippers. If you are looking for a tipster service then you should avoid common mistakes bettors make while looking for tipsters.

Mistake 1: This website ranks high on most searched keywords like “top tipster”. It seems that it is the top tipster and I must buy tips from this site.

Truth: High rank is a sign of popularity and not of reliability. Websites rank high on technical factors that have nothing to do with reliability. A site that ranks high could be doing well on SEO and it might not be so user-friendly.

Mistake 2: This site looks very beautiful and also it has interesting content. It looks reliable and I should buy tips from this site.

Truth: A website has to be attractive. It should be able to hold your attention for long time. Once you visit the site, you should appreciate the design and also you should be able to find information related to tips. Beauty is a need but not a sign of reliability.

Mistake 3: This site looks big. It must have a large team to break odds. I should rely on this site.

Truth: You need Soccer Odds 1X2 and it is only an experienced tipster that can provide real prediction. A tipster doesn’t need a team to assist hence you should avoid considering size of the website. You should focus on experience of the tipster to make an opinion on him.

Mistake 4: This tipster has maximum number of positive reviews. It looks reliable as people are giving him high ratings. I will buy tips from this site.

Truth: Reviews could be forged and doctored to favor specific tipsters. A tipster could encourage bettors to write good things about him. Or he can hire marketing agencies that will promote his services on social media. You shouldn’t give much importance to positive reviews, if they look too good to accept.
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Mistake 5: This tipster is given high ratings in comparison. It is really a reliable tipster.

Truth: Comparison sites are developed to favor specific tipsters. Websites that compare tippers favor some tipsters and show others in bad light. You shouldn’t rely on comparison sites without seeing any logic in the comparison. You should do your research on the topic.


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