Truth behind soccer match fixing tips

Do you believe in match fixing? You could and if you are asked to substantiate your belief, you would show news reports regarding matches fixed by betting syndicates. But these reports are unconfirmed hence unreliable. If you believe that soccer matches are fixed and you want to bet on these matches then you going to lose all your bets and money.

How would you bet on fixed matches?

To bet on matches that are already fixed, you would need approaching a tipster that has inside connection with betting syndicates. You need an insider that can give you authentic information regarding fixed matches. Also you need relying on the tip provided. insider soccer betting tips

Let’s see how tips for fixed matches are made and sold

Fixed matches are quite beneficial for tipsters and not the bettors. You will be surprised to know how tippers make quick money by selling tips for matches that are never fixed. Let’s make a quick calculation to see how profit is made.

100 bettors buy tips for fixed matches. 34 bettors are told that team A will win, 33 punters will get tip for team B and the rest of 33 punters will get tip for tie. Only a certain number of bettors will win the bet and they will start relying on the tipster. They will again buy  Soccer Match Fixing Tips.

Again the tipster will approach the bettors but this time, he will charge a high price. He will divide the bettors into three halves and provide three different tips to the punters. It will be the same story again and again until bettors like you start believing that soccer is a fair game and no matches are fixed.

Let’s assume that matches are fixed

A match is fixed to achieve a predetermined result. A betting syndicate fixes the match but the process is kept secret. It is only the syndicate and a couple of other persons involved in match fixing that know about the match. Secrecy of the operation is maintained to increase profit margin. In this situation, would you believe that a tipster can get information on the fixed match.
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Before you start soccer betting, you need believing that the game is fair and that the players are honest towards the game and their teams and countries. You shouldn’t believe on match fixing or any such promise. You should believe on the game and also on the ability of your tipster.

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