How should you beware of fake tips?

Selling football betting tips is a profitable business as bettors rely on tipsters for help in breaking soccer odds. Also they run their websites as corporate companies to look reliable and sell tips at higher price. But there are some fraudsters that sell fake tips like real. These tippers target selected bettors and they work in a strategic manner.

If you want to buy genuine tips then you should know how fake tips are sold

What are fake tips?

Tipsters need doing a lot of research and analysis to make predictions. It is a challenging job but the results remain uncertain until the matches are over. But bettors want tippers to be 100% successful; they believe in extraordinary powers of tippers and also they believe that tipsters can break any odd and beat any bookie. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is bettors that support fraud tippers.

Tippers claim to have inside information on odds; they claim to get secret info from bookies and they offer secret tips at a high price. A football match has three Insider Soccer Betting Tips – first team wins, second team wins and the match is draw. Fraud tippers divide their clients into three parts and sell first tip to first part; second tip to second part and third tip to third part.

Only one-third of bettors win bet and they become loyal customers of the tipster. The tipper sells MAFIA Soccer Tips to the loyal bettors. Also they keep increasing the price for tips after every win. Punters that rely on the tipster pay high price hoping that they will win the bet. The process of selling tips remains same and the tipster keeps targeting new clients every time.

Truth behind inside information on betting

A tipster could be a former bookie and also he could have business relations with betting syndicates but it is hard to believe that bookies would share sensitive information regarding odds with their former friend who’s now their competitor. Also there are little chances of a tipster eavesdropping into the board rooms where odds are determined.

News reports about match fixing

It is difficult to deny the fact that betting syndicates try fixing matches. There are many newspaper reports that prove that efforts are made to fix games but there is no proof of fixed matches. Whenever bookies try fixing matches, they are caught red handed.

Betting syndicates try fixing matches to get profit and not to share profit. There are no chances of tipper getting secret information on fixed match from any leading bookie because the tipster would sell the information and make profit. The bottom line is that bettors can never get info on fixed matches.


Tipsters take advantage of the high demand for tips. They know that bettors need winning tips and that the punters rely on the capabilities of tipsters. Not all bettors would rely on tall claims made by tippers but come punters would certainly believe on the magical wand of tipsters.

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